Meistervik Mattress Review

meistervik mattress review

IKEA company is one of the most popular furniture organization in the world. Part of their products are mattresses and has a range of about 15 mattresses models.These mattresses are unique in their own way but have a lot of similarities. One of the products that are offered in their mattress range is the meistervik mattress which is usually compared to one of their products, minnesund mattress.


Online Presence


The online presence of IKEA mattresses like all other products is limited. IKEA prefers to sell most products in their stores to selling online. Those that are sold online delivery is not free making it more expensive than alternative products. The further one is away from their Sweden factory or their shops the more expensive it is.


Long Trial period


IKEA company offers a trial period of 365 days on its products. So if you are not satisfied with the product within that period you can
exchange it. This is called the Love or exchange policy of IKEA. This is excellent considering that you will not be stuck with a product that you do not like. The bad part is that once the product is bought there is no monetary refund. The company does not offer money
refunds for the product but you can exchange with one of their products. That makes life difficult if you no longer want anything to do with their products as you will be forced to be stuck with IKEA mattress.




Meistervik mattress comes in 3 different sizes, that is the full, twin and queen sizes. That makes a good mattress for any bed. You can purchase a mattress that is suitable for your bed. It has a thickness of approximately 12 cm. Some call it the thicker version of the
Minnesund mattress. Despite it being thicker at twelve centimeters it is not very good for daily use by people over 12 years. That is, it is only good for children below teenagehood. It is not comfortable for an adult to use it on daily bases. Because of its less thickness, it, therefore, offers flexibility and easiness to carry around something that you will not get in all mattresses.




The mattress is made up of two layers, that is the poly foam base and additional form layer. Both are 1.7 PCF. That is the product is
purely made of 1.7 PCF poly foam layer. It has a good height of 4.75 inch



firm vs soft mattress

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The mattress is more firm and very support. It is resilient than the Minnesund mattress. This makes it more comfortable especially
for children. Compared to minnesund mattress it is, therefore, more durable. If you do not like firm mattresses this is not
the mattress to go for




Meistervik mattress just like any IKEA company mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. If you face any problem within this period then, IKEA will be there to save you. This is to emphasize the high-quality product of IKEA



Check Price

The price is below the average market price. So if you do not want to go deeper in your pocket, this is the product to go for especially
if you are purchasing in the shop. Despite the no free delivery policy by the organization, it is still cheaper.


Recycling policy


If IKEA delivers the mattress to your home it also offers free recycling services to your old mattress. The cuts cost associated with
recycling a mattress or cost associated with keeping an unwanted mattress in your small space.


Support for large people


One of the problems is its inability to support people who are large. If it cannot support well teenagers then for people who are big it becomes a more serious problem. If you are having big body this is a no go mattress as you will feel the pain of being uncomfortable.


Sex suitability

cuddling on mattress

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It may not be the best mattress to use when having sex but it still works well as long as the person involved is not very big people.
Generally, it offers some comfort during sex. It’s a fair product when it comes to sex suitability. Some customers, however, are complaining about its firm nature that it does offer that bouncy feeling when having sex.




The product is available in many IKEA shops which are there all over the world. The product is also available online which makes it
easier to get even in places where IKEA shops are not present. The products are also available on




The mattress is not noisy when you are sleeping. That means you can have a peaceful night without the unnecessary mattress noise.This
is very good especially for people who are sharing a bed, for example, a couple.


Unpleasant Odors

unpleasant mattress odor

Like most mattresses when you are removing it from the package it has an unpleasant odor called off-gassing. The good part about
this smell is that it disappears within few days and life becomes normal again


Edge Support


This mattress does not have a spring. This becomes a problem as it means it does not offer a good edge support. If people continue
sitting on the edge of the bed. The mattress will start sinking.




This range of mattresses has a durable or long time lifespan compared to the range of minnesund mattress. This, however, does not mean that they are very durable. It only means that they are durable compared to a less durable product. The product can hardly last more than six years. This makes its durability be on the lower side in comparison with the product in the market.


Temperature Neutrality


The IKEA meistervik mattress has a tendency of warming up quickly. This is a good thing especially in winter where one will want to get
warm as soon as possible after getting into bed. This tendency, however, is a problem in hot seasons where you will need less heat to enjoy the peaceful sleep. If you want to make it temperature neutral, consider purchasing a gel topper. It will go a long way in regulating heat.


No fitted sheet


One of the disadvantages of these mattresses is that they do not come with a fitted sheet. This means you have to purchase yours which
will mean a rise in the cost.




Meistervik product is a good product especially for people who want a flexible product which can be easily be folded. It is good
for children but not good for the elders. One of the reasons to purchase is that it is cheap and has a long trial and warrant period. I can say it is a fair product to purchase.