ZeopedicĀ Mattress In A Box Review

Now it’s quick and easy to get a good nights sleep. The Zeopedic Mattress is a 10-inch memory foam mattress by the company Zeopedic. It is packaged very neatly in a box which is easily transportable. Simply unbox the mattress by cutting open the box and watch your mattress come to life as it opens up and fully expands. It also has 3″ of ventilated gel memory foam and 7″ of heavy duty base support foam for a total of 10″ memory foam mattress. The experience is unforgettable and the price is very affordable. If you are on a budget it is a highly recommended budget friendly mattress.

who makes Zeopedic mattresses

A company called Zeopedic.

Zeopedic pillow reviews

You may also be interested in a Zeopedic pillow. This memory foam pillows provide cool comfort and a well-ventilated design.

Classic Brands 10.5 Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Classic Brands cool gel ventilated memory foam mattress

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The Original Cool Gel Product! Luxurious ventilated gel memory foam mattress with a 10.5-Inch profile is a superior choice over other memory foam mattresses Beautifully detailed charcoal gray and white cover has four-way stretch knit that works with the memory foam to optimize its conforming properties Refreshing gel particles are infused into the high-density memory foam for a plusher more comfortable sleeping surface; resilient high-density base foam conforms to your body, supports your back, and prevents tossing and turning at night High-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates temperature; memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites and meets CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability Medium-Plush Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly Mattress ships compressed, rolled in a box conveniently delivered to your door for easy set-up; frame/foundation/base not included 5 Star Customer Service; Available 7 days a week

The Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel mattress is the latest when it comes to memory foam and gel technology combined. This amazing mattress is perfect for hot sleepers who wish to remain cool at night for a good nights rest.

The memory foam with gel technology allows heat to be drawn away from your body and has a plusher sleeping surface allowing you to stay comfortable with less tossing and turning. These gel particles are fused within the memory foam which is able to keep a nice cool temperature of the memory foam which forms to your body at the same time reducing pressure points regardless of your sleeping position.

Designed for ultimate comfort and support. The 10.5-inch profile cool gel mattress is gel-infused memory foam which has breathable 2-inch cool gel memory foam. This layer of gel and memory foam disperses body heat which helps in providing a much cooler sleeping surface at the same time retaining the pressure-relieving properties of any traditional type memory foam mattress.

Two one inch layers of poly gel supportive foam provide support from the gel foam layer.

the six and a half inch support base layer has the strength and effectiveness of all three layers combined. It is equipped with a beautifully detailed knit top and has charcoal-grey knit sides which allow this mattress superb breathability. It has a four-way stretch which conforms to your body allowing much better comfort which works with the top layer of the gel memory foam allowing this mattress to optimize the contouring properties

Why Choose Gel Memory Foam

The great thing about gel memory foam is that it supports each part of your body evenly and individually. A gel memory foam mattress will slowly and automatically adjust to your body weight and temperature. This allows a much cooler and stress-free environment. Also when you move while in bed the memory foam will gently fill in the new area which reshapes itself to your new sleeping posture. This allows the memory foam to comfortably cradle to every inch of your body.

The Latest Gel Memory Foam Technology

One of the biggest benefits of a gel memory foam mattress is its unique feature which infuses gel particles into the memory foam which creates a much plusher and cooler sleeping environment.

A gel memory foam mattress has more pores than the usual conventional foam mattress, this new style allows the cells to be interconnected, unlike the traditional closed cell foam. This technology creates a more breathable and comfortable experience.

With this new open cell technology, it becomes self-ventilating. By having open cell technology it allows the air to move throughout the mattress material and in return dissipates your body’s heat. Another benefit of gel memory foam is, its naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold and dust mites.